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News 4


A number of signs and banners have popped up promoting the restaurant Grief, including slogans such as “Experience Grief: the Complete Experience of Life!” This seems to have generated further interest in the restaurant.

New Shelters

The Humanitarians have been putting up shelters again. These ones are of superior quality to the ones seen around Monument so far. They have been especially helpful in the wake of the recent cold weather, providing comfortable shelter.

When asked about the designs, the Humanitarins give credit to Sam, who designed the shelters as part of the startup for his new architecture and construction firm.

Armourascals Are Now Big

The armourascals that have been living in Monument have grown over the past year, and are now two people heights long and over half a person in height. Being such aggressive creatures, they have practically taken over much of Sector 4, chasing and goring any who disturb them. They also seem to have taken to trying to dig up buildings.

Mentham's Starlings

George Mentham, Sector 1's very own councillor, has been kindly distributing food and firewood to the people of Sector 1, the Bureaucrat settlement and many of Sector 2's residents, escorted by his guards, the Council's new “Starlings”.

Factory Attacks

The new factory that has recently been built was beset by a gang of raving bandits! There were fights, fires, basilisks that climb walls! Several people were hurt but luckily there was none of us dead. The factory's a bit damaged though. I wonder if it'll still work?

Fresh Clothes

The Humanitarian Movement has began production of clothing from scratch, making sweaters, blankets and fur coats. While they have not distributed much of their new resource, Ealish assures everyone that this is due to slow production rates and limited raw materials.

Fire Beasts

A herd of strange creatures have come from the west, bypassing Monument and the Bureaucrat settlement to the north. These large creatures seem to be permanently on fire.


Boasting an accident free month and still ramping up the entertainment! This month SHOCK NEWS defeated MINISTER DAZ with an electrifying finish that stunned us all! Join us next month folks for even more LIVE! RAW! ENTERTAINMENT!

Sector 2 Road

Following the success of the road in sector 1, a portion of land has been cleared through sector 2, presumably for the construction of another road in that sector.

The Watch Grows in Popularity

Following some surveys of public opinion taken by a prominent member of the Neighbourhood Watch, the organisation has seen a growth in support over the last three months.

Bonfires Outside the Theatre

A group of vigilantes denounced the bureaucrats by burning a large pile of paperwork in front of the Theatre whilst holding a banner with a slogan was rather long but essentially amounted to 'DOWN WITH BUREAUCRACY'. Anti-bureaucrat sentiment seems to have spread somewhat since the incident.

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