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News 5

Tornadoes Hit Monument!

The severe weather as was warned has hit monument, bringing Tornadoes with it. While most shelters have remained in tact due to previous reinforcement, the winds have thrown “Shamblers/Zebras/Bees” (or whatever they're called) all over the city - mostly in sectors 2-4, where they have begun more directly attacking people.

Thankfully some newly erected walls in and around sector 1 have kept the population located in that area safe and the “Shamblers” have been kept out.

Roads in Sectors 2 and 3 Complete

Thanks to the use of some new tools, the roads in sector 2 has now been finished, and a new road in sector 3 has been constructed, greatly increasing the transport and travel capacity around the city. It is assumed that a road in sector 4 is up next.

Press Release

To the unnamed people attacking Factory One of the Monument Artisan's Cooperative, we are trying to improve the lives of the people of Monument and our friendly neighbors. This is why, on behalf of the Humanitarians, we are distributing armoured rain gear *for free* to the people of Monument and its neighbors. We were unfortunately unable to produce as many because we had to first implement repairs. We understand that you may have good intentions, but in this case you are directly hurting civilians who have no part in whatever your feud is: indeed our workshops are now open to anyone and everyone with a love of making, even our production line can be negotiated for if you believe you have a product people need.

Have you got your share of TUC?

A new thing called “TUC” or “Token Universal Currency” is being given out to people attending the meetings by the Bureaucrats. As their signage explains, each attendant gets 10TUC, and each tuck is worth roughly a portion of Food. Now just to find somewhere to spend it…

Anti-Bureaucrat Sentiment

Anti-bureaucracy posters and graffiti have appeared all over Monument in the last few months. They appear to all be in the same style, but no-one knows who is responsible for them.

Neighbourhood Watch Prisoners Abused?!

A number of people have been spotted the prisoners of the Neighbourhood Watched being abused. It appears to be mostly slave labour - the workforce being used to make the walls in Sector 1, but apparently some are being forced to fight to the death in the THUNDERDOME. Who will stop these atrocious acts?!

What to do about Zebras

A new pamphlet has been produced by the bureaucrats explain how to deal with the Zebra menace. It recommends avoiding them if at all possible, warning that they can become violent if engaged, and to seek assistance as soon as possible. If you are trapped or otherwise forced to engage with them, then electricity seems to subdue them temporarily, and crushing the head seems to stop them all together.

Burning People Everywhere

Many, many people have been seen around, on fire. The exact origin is a little unclear due to anyone being asked about it simply responding “HELP HELP I'M ON FIRE”, but the general belief is that there is some kind of “Fire Cult” activity happening, which is the cause of the burning.

Armourascals chased out!

In a collaborative effort of several members of the Neighbourhood Watch and the Sons, Daughters, and Children, the armourascals menacing Sky Sector 4 have been chased out. That section of the city appears to be safe once again (for a given value of safe), although in even worse disrepair than it was before.

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