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News 6

Zebras Beaten Back

The Neighbourhood Watch have been out in force recently, and have managed to secure Sectors 1 and 0 from the walking corpses which have littered the streets. While not completely gone from the rest of Monument, their numbers for now have been reduced to the point that the Watch's regular patrollers can take care of them.

Cure for Zebra Sickness

Word has been spreading of an improved cure for those bitten by zebras. It's said to be superior to any remedy previously made, although the exact potency of this cure is unknown as of yet. Much of the rumour-mongering with regards to this development comes from the Heralds, who have taken credit.


With a heatwave hitting Monument, many residents have found themselves flocking to the new water tanks located around Monument. The project was undertaken by Diversion, who many have congratulated on their philanthropic work.

Public Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led by Maurice Antigny, recently ran a public Q&A session on what the Bureaucracy can do and is doing for Monument and its people. While first impressions were positives, the session was somewhat taken over by Gale Barton, spokesperson for The Truth, asking increasingly difficult and nonsensical questions as the session went on.

Unity Festival

The Unity Festival, as organised by the Minister for Culture, Moonlight, occurred earlier this season. It was one of the most attended events in the remembered history of Monument, and despite a few problems early on in the festival it finished on a strong note, and was broadly well-received.

Wall extension

Extensions have been made to the anti-Zebra wall that surround Sector 1. The new structures now surround both Sectors 1 and 0, and reinforcements have been made based on examinations about where the Zebras have done the most damage to the existing wall.

Grief Restaurant Awarded A "Legitimacy Star"

The Grief Restaurant has received a new accolade from the Bureaucrats, following a recent Audit of the property. The newly awarded “Legitimacy Star” is the highest culinary award Currently offered by the Bureaucracy, and the Grief Restaurant is the first establishment to have been given one. Owners of the the restaurant say they are delighted with award, and hope that that it will bring in new business, hinting that they may open up more outlets in the near future.

Sector 4 Has Baby Armourascals Once Again

After the large, destructive creatures have been driven out of the area a few months ago, they are now back in teeny tiny form. They are currently relatively harmless (mainly because they can be outran or kicked away) but we know how they'll be in a year or so. As it is, keep in mind that anything hard in Sector 4/Sky is likely to get cut by these things and their bloody sharp horns.

The Watchtower

What can only be described as a large keep or small fortress has appeared over the last few months. Apparently a collaboration between the Humantarians and the Neighbourhood Watch, the aptly named Watchtower flies the flag of the Watch from its highest point.

Sky Temple Built

Another tower, serving as a temple to the Sky, has also appeared in Monument. The general consensus among architecture enthusiasts is 'it's way cooler than the Fire Temple.' But what on Dunia is that flying creature making its nest at the top?

Burnt Body Found

The peacekeeping force of the Starlings are investigating a burnt body found in Monument, that looked to have had its throat slit. Officials speculate that the vile nature of the murder could be related to the other fire related issues the City has been having, but there is no evidence for such a connection as of yet. Additionally, it was found far from the supposed Fire Temple and after the Cult of the Sun had disappeared from our city quickly after their last gathering. Anyone with information should report to a member of the Starlings.

Wedding Chaos

The wedding of Pearl and Guinevere Mentham this month was unfortunately derailed during the proceedings. It appears that most of the participants and guests became intoxicated by unknown means and the ceremony was unable to reach a conclusion. The marital status of Pearl and Guinevere as of yet still unknown.

Armour Rolls Out

Factory One of the Monument Artisan's collective is pleased to announce the successful production of a new line of fashionable and practical leather armour. It is available to all who have need of it. Please talk to Nine or George Mentham for further details.

Vanguard Arrested

Vanguard has been arrested by the Starlings on charges of 'treason' and 'attempted mass murder'. The latter, they're sure, is definitely a crime, and the former they are looking into.

The Children's Garden

The Sons, Daughters, and Children have been making themselves useful of late and pitching in with a lot of community service to help improve the conditions of Monument. One of their notable projects, is the garden which they have been using to provide free food to those who need it.

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