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The Dinner Club Have Arrived!

The head of that elusive society of forest dwelling fine diners, Matthew Fitzroy, has announced that he - along with his entire club - shall be moving to the City, at the request of the Councillor Starchild, who has been fostering trade relations with this group of individuals for months.

When asked for comment, Mr Fitzroy had this to say: “We are delighted to be able to take our culinary dreams into the City. Of course, we shall be opening applications for those who wish to join us. In the meantime, we are looking forward to seeing what the glitz and glamour of the city can offer us, and what new delicacies it supplies.”


West Monument has unfortunately been the victim of wide-spreading flooding, following the heavy rains earlier in the month. Experts say that the likely cause is the construction of flood defenses elsewhere that have diverted the waters.

Several buildings were severely damaged in the floods but it has been reported that no one lost their life. At least as far as our somewhat incomplete records can tell.

This paper suggests that perhaps people should be more careful about where they are diverting water to in the event of future flooding.

The Children Prove Useful Members of Society

The Children have been continuing to help efforts to find a cure for the shambling disease which has swept our City. Their skills in botany and agriculture have been most useful to this effect - and what's more, they have been bringing in more supplies for the Hospital as well.

It seems that many of their members are determined to shake off the bad reputation certain cults have built for them.

Marriage Continues to be a Nightmare

Marriage has become increasingly bureaucratic with wait times for even one marriage being delayed and delayed until there is hardly any point in applying at all until the crisis is over. Of course, insiders in the bureaucrats have reported that this is only worsening the so-called paper crisis.

Munia is Released

That's right, that charismatic cult leader is back on the streets, in what some might call a landmark decision to allow a thing called parole. That is, she has been released with an armed guard following her.

Authorities - by which we mean Silas and the Watch - hope that this will keep any further accusations of the Cult's liability for burning anyone to a minimum.

Bureaucrats Plot Against Flowers

Rumour has it the Bureaucrats are planning on destroying “The Garden”, upsetting many citizens of the city. While people disagree on whether the garden in question is the SDC garden in the Earth sector, the Humanitarian Farm in Sector 2, the flower patch in Sector 3, the Bureaucrats own plantation outside the main city or one of the dozens rumoured green havens, it is agreed that the Bureaucrats plan on bringing it to an end. Their reasoning for this are unknown, with speculation running rampant with suggestions, ranging from the garden being fertilised with the burned corpses left over from ritualistic burnings, to one of the flowers being the fatal weakness of the Menthams.

Apollo new Sector 1 councillor

Starchild Disgraced

“Hey I heard that Starchild poisoned a bunch of people at the big wedding last season.”

“No way! I heard she tried to frame Moonlight for some sort of crime!”

“Really? I thought it was that she rigged the elections that got her to be Councillor in the first place.”

“That's terrible! And to think I used to be her fan…”

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