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Sector Four Elects New Mayor!

In an unprecedented move, Sector Four appears to have declared a new leader for the city's north-western quadrant. This new change has yet to be formally declared; nonetheless, the chants of “Wynn! Wynn! Wynn!” from survivors living in the sector have put paid to speculation on their new Mayor's identity.

Sector 3 Ablaze

Nobody's quite sure how it happened at the moment, but a small number of shamblers appear to have made it into Sector 3, caught fire, and proceeded to wreak as much havoc as possible before the fire rendered them immobile. The hospital is currently housing a number of the worst cases. Those bitten have been treated with a cure if they made it to the hospital, but there may be more who have slipped through the net.

You're Under Arrest

It appears that a number of former Bureacrats are being held at trident, charged with sabotaging the Bureaucracy from within on behalf of a group calling themselves “The Unchained.” Public opinion is divided on the matter, but a number of Unchained have been making their disapproval known loudly and publicly throughout the city.

Hospital Crash

An inebriated individual crashed into the hospital, driving a golf cart. The person in question, later identified as Numba 1 G had also sustained an injury to the shoulder, having lost a lot of blood, but it is believed this happened before the impact with the hospital.

The hospital building itself has remained in tact, with the damage mostly being cosmetic. The golf cart also appears to be functional, due to the low-speed nature of the impact. Witnesses report that Numba 1 G had been driving the cart erratically from outside monument, though further details are unclear at the moment.

Mutiliated Body Found

At the south-east treeline a mutilated body has been found. Those who found it described the sight as 'horrifying'. Details will be omitted here as they may be upsetting to readers!

The Children Continue to be Useful

Members of the Children have been working in conjunction with members of the Bureaucrats in order to help with the food shortage. With their animal and botanical expertise, they have proved very useful to gathering further resources to keep the City going!

Missing Persons

Clock Ticking is the latest in a series of disappearances to strike the City. Their friends have said that they were last scene at a Soiree held by the Dinner Club, as hopeful applicant looking to join. Reports on their whereabouts since that night have been sketchy and unverified.

Starchild Represents: The Dinner Club

Starchild has been chosen by the Dinner Club as their spokesperson to the Council, and hoping to be confirmed as their official representative to the Council in the coming weeks. Their president, Matthew Fitzroy was reportedly at first disinterested in the politics of the City, but upon realising he would now be subject to them, was all too happy to accept representation.

Armed Peace in the Canyon

After some tense negotiations, there is reportedly a truce between the Teardrop-tattooed members of the Canyon and the settlers affiliated with Super Unleaded. How long this peace will last is uncertain, but there have been no violent outbursts as of yet.

Ring Road

Guinevere Mentham has been reported responsible for the newly built ring road around the City of Monument, which her mother, Piper Mentham, has been using to help ease the food crisis by transporting food to where it is most needed.

New Farms Constructed

As part of a new infrastructure project to assist the Humantarian's food shortage crisis, a series of farms has been set up. The project, spearheaded by Piper Mentham, is part of a swathe of new projects organised by the bureaucrats with the aim of making monument a better place for all survivors.

Distribution was assisted with the new road network that has been created, and the bureaucrats has emphasised that large infrastructure combined with local knowledge is what is needed to help everybody.

Do Not Talk About Starchild

It appears that during Starchild's expedition out of the City, a breakaway group from the Starlings became quite exuberant while defending her good name. They were seen cutting the tongues out of the mouths of people who spread - what we here believe to be - absolute lies about our wonderful Councilor. People who have spoken out against Starchild have been brutalised up and down Monument and this reporter for one thinks that this is entirely justified! Starchild is, of course, as we all know, wonderful! And all number of people have been reported to be spreading the same message since these violent incidences have started.

The majority of the Starlings, however, have been trying to clamp down on this sort of over-enthusiasm. They have renounced it and even arrested a few of the people involved.

Matteo Casiano, who is closely affiliated with the founding of the Starlings, had this to say: “The Starlings that have acted in Starchild's name will be held accountable and justice will be done for the victims of these incidents.”

We asked him to elaborate but he was not feeling very talkative.

Justice System

A new system of trials has been set up, whereby Criminal Scum will be given trials by the Neighbourhood Watch alongside randomly chosen common citizens, in order to decide on what punishment should be given and what measures should be taken in order to prevent reoffending. Apollo has been appointed The Judge, presiding over these cases.

Pastel's Radio Broadcast

A new radio station has started regularly broadcasting around monument. The host, Pastel, has been described as kind and reassuring, featuring several segments; including recent news and discussions of the Celestial Audience. The growing popularity in monument has created quite a few Pastel fans, and the spread of the broadcasts is steadily growing. Tune in to catch the latest updates.


There have been reports of people going missing from Eastern Monument. Friends and loved ones are searching for those who have vanished without a trace within the confines of the city without having ever expressed any plans of venturing beyond its borders.

Path to the City

Coming to you live from the Moonlight theater, the latest play “Path to the City” features Guinevere Mentham, and discusses how in order to build a greater society, we must ourselves become better people. It has opened to rave reviews, and tickets are selling like hotcakes.

The plot takes us on a tour of “Project Lazarus”, a government initiative putting people underground in order to protect us against some unknown disaster. Our protagonists are on a journey of self discovery, to find out our place in the world, and how to work out into a better society.

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