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The Department for Defense of Monument

The Department for the Defense of Monument was founded this cycle by Captain Ferrill and Matteo Casiano, with unanimous approval from the Council. The Department has thusfar recruited just over a hundred individuals to the New Monument Army. The rigorous training, sources say, is in readiness for any conflicts that may arise with the Sneeple.

Colourful Fire's Spotted Around Monument

An evening not to long ago, as many as 10 small scale fires were reported across monument. Each were said to have been burning in a variety of colours and seemed to be being kept under control. Many have said that the sight of the fires were a comfort, rather then the terror inducing flames of recent memory. No one seems to know who set up these small scale pries, but many have been grateful for the warmth and comfort they provided - not to mention the beauty. Each one is said to have been a work of art in its own right.

Starchild Shot Dead After Radio Broadcast

Monuments one and only Starchild was shot dead as she exited the radio tower after her apology boardcast. While fans waiting outside for the personality tried their best to stop the bleeding, Starchild unfortunately did not make it.

Despite multiple witnesses to the crime, no one saw the shooter and they are still at large in the city.

Starlings' Internal Strife Continues

Speculation is rife with regards to the Starlings' state of affairs, with no clear resolution to their internal conflict in sight. Starlings formerly affiliated with Starchild have been forcibly marked in retaliation for their actions under their leader. This was an act undertaken by Jasminder 100% Chatterji, who, in a brutal act of retribution, also cut out the tongues of each of the Starlings who had harmed civilians. Witnesses say that justice is truly horrifying.

Meanwhile several of the Trident's Starlings have been found shot dead.

UFE Spotted In Monument

An “Unidentified Flying Entity” (UFE) has been spotted in monument recently. The vehicle in question appeared to be a kind of medium-sized aircraft, which was seen using the Monument Road Layout to take off and land. The vehicle appeared to be somewhat damaged, only achieving flight for a small amount of time before almost crash landing. Reports indicate vehicle is non-hostile.

UFE Spotted Outside Of Monument

An “Unidentified Flying Entity” (UFE) has been spotted landing just outside monument, a few days before the current meeting. The entity appeared in the early hours of the morning, touching down under the cover of darkness, and departed before anyone made it to the scene. What this thing is or what it was doing here remains a mystery.

Bureaucrats Expand Water Supply

Following on from their success with a more reliable food supply, the Bureaucrats have continued their work in conjunction with the Humanitarians to increase the water supply network, significantly shortening the time required to collect fresh water.

These recent efforts have dramatically increased the popularity of the Bureaucrats, following the repeated smear campaigns they have been subject to. Some still remain sceptical of their approaches, but many are embracing their new ideas, and the general mood seems to be shifting.

Let My Garden Grow

The farm on the outskirts of Monument, maintained primarily by Clover Leaf and Rain, has expanded greatly. It has what appears to be a big harvest on the way. Distribution of this amount of food could go a long way to helping those who have lost supplies to the mysterious raiders who have been giving Monument such a hard time.

In the Name of the Law

The Neighbourhood Watch have revised the laws under which they operate, which can be found here:

  1. It is forbidden to harm people, help to do so, or threaten to do so.
  2. Always act to prevent harm to people where possible, unless it would risk you harm to do so.
  3. it is forbidden to enter, damage or deposit items on the property of other citizens without their prior knowledge and consent, or you are doing so as an officer of the Watch as part of an investigation or apprehension of a criminal.
  4. The exception to point 3 only applies if sufficient evidence can be provided to show that they do.
  5. It is forbidden to operate a vehicle or heavy machinery while under the effect of substances that are known or have been known to affect or impair judgement, decision making, reaction times, self-confidence or any other skill required to operate the vehicle or machinery safely.
  6. (NOT YET IN EFFECT) It is forbidden to operate a vehicle without certification from an appropriate authority that the recipient is able to safely do so.
  7. Acting contrary to the above is considered a criminal act. Those who commit criminal acts are still protected by the Law, but may be lawfully detained while a panel of citizens determine if a crime has been committed, and what their punishment should be. This process will be overseen by a Judge, who must act impartially during the process. It is forbidden to knowingly obstruct this process, including the detention of suspects and investigation of their crimes.
  8. If a person is found guilty of a crime, but is determined to have been coerced or tricked into doing so, or was doing so to prevent harm to another (or greater harm than that caused/allowed in the case of points 1 and 2 respectively) this person may not be lawfully punished for that particular instance of lawbreaking.

Factory Expansion

The great factory of the Monument Artisan's Collective has expanded it's collection of buildings. Two new factories have been constructed and are reportedly already producing goods for the betterment of the city. Concerns are being raised about the possible ecological consequences of rapid industrialisation

Crystadynes for All

The word of Sky is now able to reach all of Monument. Crystadyne radios have been distributed to all of the more populated areas of the city due mainly to the work of Rafi Sadikovic. Finally the whole city can be witness to Sky's blessing if they so choose.

The Architects

The newly-founded Architects have already been promoting themselves all over town. They preach that it is possible to create the perfect city, but the perfect city needs the perfect citizens. Already there have been queries about what 'perfect' constitutes, but their backing of various infrastructure projects is winning them a lot of support throughout the city.

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