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The Truth - Faction Brief

There are no secrets here in the Truth. That’s kinda the point. Everything you learn here should absolutely be repeated as often as you can. If we know one thing, it’s that the people who did this to us wanted things kept secret. So we’re going to tell the world. Tell them everything we can.

The Newsroom

Just south of Courtyard is where our newsroom is set up. It’s an open office type of arrangement. Well we’ve not had time to get a roof or walls set up yet. It doesn’t matter. Walls just serve to hide things anyway. This is where we meet to share leads or results. Make sure to check in to be up to date with the latest facts. There’s usually someone there keeping track of things.


This is the main thing. This is why we’re here. I want everybody to spread the news every chance they get. There’s no time for checking stories, just get out there! Right now it’s hard work. Trekking around monument to find people to inform is hard, your voice may feel like it’s going to give out but you must keep going. This is the only way everyone’s going to know what’s going on around here.


Oh yeah Breeze’s job. That’s probably important too. If you want to uncover more truth, talk to him. He always knows where there’s something important going on. He’s been asking for some of us to help look into things recently. If that sounds like your thing, go talk to him. He’ll be at the back somewhere being inconspicuous.


We aim to spread facts and news throughout the entirety of the world. We get enough words out to enough people and eventually we’re sure to uncover the ultimate conspiracy and those responsible. They want to hide - We won’t let them.

Of course more equipment would help, or more assistants, a better newsroom, more stories… The easier it is for us to get the truth out there the better.

Notable Members


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