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The New Monument Government

The Founding

The signing of the constitution was the first big step towards the formation of a unified government since Piper Mentham spearheaded the formation of The Council back in the early days of the Aftermath. This pledge of cooperation was signed by representatives from the Bureaucracy, the Neighbourhood Watch, the Truth, the Humanitarians and each of the sectors of Monument as they existed at the time (Boundaries were moving quite a bit to account for the plans to vacate the northern region of Old Monument.)


The Council

The Council, after replenishing its numbers, retained its original mandate of acting as Monument's executive authority, although now members are now voted for by the public as a whole, rather than by members of the group holding a given seat.

The Bureaucracy

Largely responsible for the City's day-to-day administration, with its various ministries responsible for the public services under their remit. While foreign affairs are now the remit of the Council, they frequently made use of the well-known Bureaucrat Maurice Antigny in the capacity of a negotiator.

The Legal Division had two main sub-departments, the Judiciary and the Legislative Assembly, who were responsible for the interpretation and creation of the law respectively. At the time of formation, the head of this division was Gordon Jameson, former head of the Neighbourhood Watch. Other notable members included Apollo and Vice Governor, who caused no end of grief for Jameson in their clashing ideologies regarding the scope of the law to punish criminals.

The Neighbourhood Watch

Under the leadership of Read Instructions First, the Watch exist to enforce the law and protect the populace of Monument. In practice, Read's laissez faire approach to standard operating procedures led to some friction between the Watch and the Legal Division, but he always got results and was well known for his dedication to always putting the safety of Monument's citizens first and foremost.

The Humanitarians

Under the New Government, the Humanitarians are responsible for the provision and maintenance of Monument's infrastructure and healthcare services. Now able to pool resources with the Government and the various factions within Monument, the age-old Humanitarian goal of providing for those unable to provide for themselves has never been more achievable.

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