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The Humanitarian Movement- Faction Brief

Welcome to the Humanitarian Movement! We are a fairly open group, so we don't really have much in the way of secrets known only to members. We are here to help people. Secrets get in the way of helping.


We are not a terribly organised faction (in fact, we don't truly have a leader!) but Ealish Tunark plans to fix that. She mainly does this by ordering people around, and you've probably had her tell you to do tasks with that tone of voice of hers that brooks no arguments. Fortunately, she's sensible and apparently has everyone's skills written down so she mostly points people at tasks they can help with. Or tasks that need more help if she doesn't believe you have any useful skills.


Harry Swiftseeker is adamant that exploring the area and finding new resources is the best way to help people, since a major problem is a lack of resources. His charismatic and excitable personality means he has swept many members along on expeditions to try and find stuff around monument, and is now seeking to organise larger ventures into the Wilderness Beyond.

Rebuilding Efforts

Many members are focusing on building infrastructure, tools and shelter, since those things are helpful and people miss them. While Ealish works on logistics and where everything should go (and when it should be done), Shrir Evan does most of the heavy lifting1). He may seem very intimidating given his great size, but Shrir is friendly and encouraging, not to mention very skilled at making just about anything. The guy is responsible for about half2) the cooking and eating implements, as well as many of the shelters, tools and snares. You should see him at basket weaving. Its like, magic. And hypnotic.


An army marches on its stomach, and this is no different in the war on death, hunger and cold feet. Gordon Cook leads a small battalion of volunteers in feeding everyone, but you better be there at the designated mealtime, or no soup for you (and his soup is amazing). Gordon is generally quite friendly, but don't try to disturb him when he's working, since he gets very angry when stressed and feeding this many people is very stressful. He currently averages at reducing ten cooks to tears a day. He would really appreciate having a stable food source, so spends his free time pushing for more farming, discovering new foods, and cooking classes. He wants people to be self sufficient in that, so he can go on vacation.


Members (believed inactive)


1) both physically and metaphorically
2) possibly an exaggeration
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