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The Bureaucrats - Faction Brief

Ministries List

Here most of the major ministries are listed. The smaller ministries have a tendency to form and dissolve rapidly, making the list of minor ministries less reliable.

The Ministry of Construction

A ministry formed within the last fortnight but already growing quickly. New and untested, the more “well established” ministries (that are a whole month old) treat this ministry with caution, but other bureaucrats agree that the new ministry has a real energy about it. Time will tell who is right about it. Certainly, the faction leader Secretary Finley Price seems very down to earth.

The Ministry of Exploration

After the early disputes between the ministries of scouting and reconnaissance, the two were recently united into the ministry of exploration by Basileus 30% Discount, a newcomer to the faction. This has led to some tensions as 30% Discount has come from nowhere to leading the large merged faction, but he has managed to stay in power until now through his general popularity, and his close friendship with Lonko Zara Dean.

The Ministry of Health

A fairly new ministry led by the enthusiastic Lonko Zara Dean, in charge of researching and rediscovering medical treatments. They are always looking for test subjects with interesting ailments, and new plants with interesting properties. Currently their treatments are just as likely to harm you as help you.

The Ministry of Agriculture

The ministry of agriculture is widely considered to be one of the least effective ministries, unless you measure effectiveness as “number of meeting held”. They currently have one pot plant of dubious edibility, and they claim that they are just waiting for the ministry of exploration to find some edible plants, and then they'll get right on that farming thing. Rumours that they sit around all day designing elaborate irrigation and crop rotation systems are vigorously denied and so everyone knows they are completely true. The faction leader Toqui Jamie Bennett is supposedly largely to blame for this lack of progress.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Complex foreign policies, gift baskets of “local exports”, and skilled diplomats. This faction has it all, except foreigners. This ministry is regarded by most other factions the same way you would regard a punchline to a particularly tasteless joke. It is also actually the punchline to a number of tasteless jokes. The fact that it survives and is a major ministry is something of a testament to human optimism. It is led by the appropriately named Chanyu Representative.

Other Ministries

  • The Ministry of Transport
  • The Ministry of Please Find My Kids
  • The Ministry of Ministerial Affairs
  • The Ministry of Absolution
  • The Ministry of Culture



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