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The Watched- Faction Brief

Hello and welcome, contestant! You are here as part of the Game, and we at the Watched are here to win the game, and also help each other, compete with each other, and try and figure out together what the win condition is. The most important thing to remember is that the Watchers are always watching, that your every move is catalogued, everything is seen, all with a single purpose: to entertain the masses!

Whatever action you undertake, whatever you believe the aim of the Game is, remember that your purpose is to entertain the audience- should the audience decide you are boring them, then surely victory is impossible? We are all but players in a grand play with little to no script. A free-form, if you will.

The Major Players

There are those who have already worked their way into a position of power, and are thus better positioned to take home the victory. but do not be dismayed, my friend, for everyone knows the audience loves an upset, and who knows what challenges await us all?

Lola Bourequat

The first and most prominent of us players who realised this is all a game show, she is generally considered one of the top (if not the top) players favoured to win the game. She likes to check up on everyone, listen to what sort of game they believe this is. She doesn't share what she believes the victory condition to be.

Merribel Meyer

Merribel delights in ruining everyone's day, and with her sharp wit and cutting sense of humour, she is hated amongst players and likely loved by the Watchers, people generally only approach her to challenge her to a battle of wits.

Cerulean Saint

Cerulean doesn't believe this is a competition, and instead seeks victory through collaboration. With his dashing good looks and friendly demeanour, he has many friends and is always looking for more. Who knows what he thinks he and his friends need to work together to achieve, but his confidence sure is convincing.



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